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1996 West Point Dime
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Here's the scoop... We have acquired a limited supply of the extremely very scarce 1996 "W" mint marked Roosevelt Dimes. This is a key date/mint mark missing from most collections. It is the only circulating "W" mint marked coin. To observe the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime, the U.S. mint issued the first, one-year only West Point "W" mint marked dime. It was only available one way, by purchasing the 1996 complete US mint set directly from the mint! We can supply these scarce dimes selaed in original mint packaging as issued in brilliant uncirculated condition for only $24.95 plus $3.00 shipping per coin. These are truly scarce and desirable coins. Don't miss this opportunity to get yours now. We expect a fast sell-out. Order now!